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Dear all,
During this Jewish High Holiday period and after much work, we’re delighted to launch our new organisation’s name—VoiCSA (voice against child sexual abuse) as well as our new website. Since launching Kol v’Oz in 2016, we have had great achievements in combating child sexual abuse in the global Jewish community, with very limited resources. Some of these include:

Building off these significant achievements, we are now determined to enter into our next phase for the organisation and maximise our potential on a global scale. To this end, we have broadened our vision to shape the global Jewish community in combatting child sexual abuse and to ultimately change the culture in our community. 

We believe the most effective and efficient approach to having a broader global impact is by focusing our efforts in advocacy and awareness at a high level: influencing decision-makers, legislators and leaders (and the broader public), as well as supporting local child protection organisations in their respective communities through victim/survivor support, advocacy and education. 

We are now calling on you to assist us in our critical work by donating to VoiCSA. In the years since our founding, no one has received a salary (which is unsustainable), and we have undertaken our work professionally, passionately and successfully, on a very meagre budget. We require high-level professionals in the field of legal affairs, advocacy and education, as well as administration staff, who can lead us to successfully achieve our multi-year goals. So, please support us within your means – thanks so much in advance!

 Please note that future emails will come from /

May we all be blessed with a happy, sweet and healthy new year!

Manny Waks
Chief Executive Officer

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