• Manny Waks VP of the Australian Jewish Community.

  • Manny Waks, Jewish community leader, tells of sex abuse.

  • ​Child sexual abuse becomes a major public issue with multiple scandals erupting within New York and Australia Jewish communities.

  • Active involvement in the Malka Leifer case.


First Israel conference for child advocacy and support organziations in Jewish communities around the world.

  • Made Aliyah and founded Kol v’Oz.

  • Traveling to and working with many communities globally, including in places where the issue of child sexual abuse has never been openly discussed or addressed.

  • Successfully lobbied for the local Jewish community to be included in the UK Government’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, and Kol v’Oz has  been designated as a core participant

  • One of Malka Liefer alleged victims speaks out for the first time on Manny’s blog.

  • Who Gave You Permission? the memoir of a child sexual-abuse survivor who fought back





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