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Israel extradites woman wanted for sex crimes to Australia, Associated Press (25 January 2021)

Live TV interview on Malka Leifer extradition, i24News (25 January 2021) 

Alleged child abuser Malka Leifer extradited to Australia over sex charges, SBS (25 January 2020)

Israel extradites Malka Lefier, wanted for sex crimes, to Australia, Ynet (25 January 2021)

Alleged paedophile Malka Leifer boards flight to Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald (25 January 2021)

Malka Leifer: Israel extradites ex-principal accused of child sex abuse in Australia, BBC (25 January 2021)

Alleged sex offender Malka Leifer extradited to Australia, Kan Radio (25 January 2021)

‘She took them into her home’: Leifer chaplain knew alleged victims, The Age (29 January 2021)

Malka Leifer’s journey from gated community to a Melbourne court, The Age (29 January 2021)

Accused pedophile Malka Leifer finally facing justice after extradition from Israel, CBS (27 January 2021)

Extradited Malka Leifer lands in Melbourne, The West Australian (27 January 2021)

Israel extradites Malka Leifer to Australia, The Jewish Chronicle (27 January 2021)

Former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer extradited from Israel, ABC Radio (26 January 2021)

Alleged abuser Leifer set for Aust arrival, The Canberra Times (26 January 2021)

Fears alleged sex offender principal Malka Leifer could dodge justice, Herald Sun (12 March 2021)

Sex abuse allegations pile up against Israeli rescue chief, Associated Press (16 March 2021)

Accused pedophile principal faces court, The Australian (9 April 2021)

Israeli minister to be prosecuted over alleged interference in Malka Leifer extradition, The New Daily (23 April 2021)

Activists call for review into alleged child sex abuser’s evasion of extradition, Jewish News (3 September 2020)

Live TV interview on Malka Leifer case, i24News (2 September 2020) 

Malka Leifer loses appeal in Israel, Yahoo! News (2 September 2020)

Israel's top court rejects appeal of accused Australian sex abuser Malka Leifer, Nine News (2 September 2020)

Israel's Supreme Court rejects Malka Leifer's appeal against Australian extradition, ABC (2 September 2020)

Accused child sex abuser Malka Leifer loses appeal in fight against extradition, The Age (2 September 2020)

Israel's Top Court Rejects Alleged Child Sex Abuser's Appeal, The New York Times (2 September 2020)

High Court rules alleged sex offender Malka Leifer fit to stand trial, can be extradited to Australia, J-Wire (2 September 2020)

Penalties on Publishing the Identity of Sexual Assault Survivors in NSW: Interview with Sexual Abuse Survivor, Activist and Jewish Community Leader Manny Waks, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (30 August 2020)

HEBREW: article regarding the sexual abuse in children in the male Mikva (ritual bath), Mako (20 August 2020)

Supreme Court hears appeal on decision that Leifer's mentally fit for extradition, The Jerusalem Post (29 July 2020)

Appeal heard on Leifer's mental fitness, Yahoo! News (29 July 2020)

Latest Malka Leifer appeal in Israel heard in secret, The Sydney Morning Herald (29 July 2020)

Australian Jews’ Israel ties sorely tested by saga of alleged sex abuser Leifer, The Times of Israel (28 July 2020)

No decision on Leifer until September, J-Wire (21 July 2020)

Unlikely rebel? Meet Yifat Shasha-Biton, the Likud MK defying Netanyahu’s orders, The Times of Israel (21 July 2020)

No decision on Leifer until September, J-Wire (21 July 2020)

Live TV interview on Malka Leifer case, i24News (20 July 2020) 

Leifer’s attorney: Media has turned her ‘into a monster’, The Times of Israel (20 July 2020)

After 6 years and 68 court dates, Malka Leifer extradition proceedings begin, The Times of Israel (20 July 2020)

Malka Leifer faces Israeli court for first time in two years as legal team tries to delay extradition hearing, Herald Sun (19 July 2020)

Battle over extradition of alleged sex offender Malka Leifer continues, J-Wire (19 July 2020)

Leifer's defence sues Israeli prisons, Yahoo! News (9 July 2020)

Malka Leifer's defence appeals ruling she is fit for extradition to Australia to face child abuse charges, SBS (9 July 2020)

Fugitive teacher Malka Leifer appeals extradition case, Herald Sun (8 July 2020)

Leifer appeals extradition ruling, The Australian Jewish News (8 July 2020)

Leifer appeals ruling she is fit for trial, Channel 7 (8 July 2020)

Malka Leifer's lawyers launch appeal in extradition case, The Age (8 July 2020)

Malka Leifer’s legal team launches appeal, J-Wire (8 July 2020)

Malka Leifer appeals extradition to Australia to face sexual abuse charges, Guardian Australia (8 July 2020)

Leifer’s lawyers file Supreme Court appeal against ruling she can be extradited, The Times of Israel (8 July 2020)

Jewish school claims it was right to cover up child sexual abuse, Herald Sun (6 July 2020)

No more sexual child abuse...Manny Waks English Interview, SBS Hebrew (7 June 2020)

Time to establish communal principles on dealing with child abuse, The Jewish Chronicle (4 June 2020)

Justice delayed, The Jerusalem Post (30 May 2020)

Victims of alleged paedophile Malka Leifer welcome ruling she's fit to face extradition trial, SBS (27 May 2020)

'Welcome but overdue': Ex-ambassador says Leifer decision to heal Israel ties, The Sydney Morning Herald (27 May 2020)

Teacher accused of child sex abuse in Australia faked mental illness to avoid extradition: Israeli court, South China Morning Post (27 May 2020)

Malka Leifer's extradition moves one step closer, Kan Radio (27 May 2020)

Israel to extradite ultra-Orthodox child sex abuser to Australia, Patheos (27 May 2020)

Malka Leifer fit to stand trial for extradition over rape and child sex charges, Israeli court rules, Channel Nine (27 May 2020)

Israeli court rules Malka Leifer mentally fit to face extradition to Australia, ABC Radio (27 May 2020)

Australia welcomes Leifer decision, J-Wire (27 May 2020)

HEBREW: Relief after more than six years in the courts: "Justice for Malka Leifer's victims", Ynet (27 May 220)

Alleged victims of Malka Leifer welcome Israeli court's 'enormous' decision, The Sydney Morning Herald (27 May 2020)

Israeli court rules alleged paedophile Malka Leifer fit to be extradited to Australia, ABC Radio (27 May 2020)

Live TV interview on Malka Leifer case, i24News (26 May 2020) 

Israeli court: Alleged child sex abuser fit to stand trial, AP (26 May 2020)

Israel rules alleged sex abuser Malka Leifer can be extradited to Australia, Jewish News (26 May 2020)

Malka Leifer case: Former Melbourne school principal facing 74 child sex abuse charges fit for extradition from Israel, News Limited (26 May 2020)

Ex-head of Australian girls school is fit for trial, Israeli court says, The New York Times (26 May 2020)

Malka Leifer can be extradited to Australia, Israeli court rules, The Guardian (26 May 2020)

Will Tuesday be Decision Day?, J-Wire (22 May 2020)

Accused child abuser will learn fate, Herald Sun (22 May 2020)

‘May justice prevail’: Litzman departs Health Ministry, The Australian Jewish News (26 April 2020)

RCANZ vs RCANZ, The Australian Jewish News (8 April 2020)

Israel’s health minister has the coronavirus. He’s also under fire for allegedly defying his own department’s orders., Jewish Telegraphic Agency (7 April 2020)

A secret minyan in Melbourne, J-Wire (26 March 2020)

Prayer groups defy coronavirus lockdown restrictions, The Age (26 March 2020)

Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations 'is working with police to prosecute child abuser', The Jewish Chronicle (17 March 2020)

Malka Leifer psychiatrist cross-examination ends, The Sydney Morning Herald (28 February 2020)

Malka Leifer: hearings 64 and 65, J-Wire (28 February 2020)

Rivlin pledges to help extradite alleged pedophile Leifer to Australia, The Jerusalem Post (26 February 2020)

Australian and Israeli leaders discuss extradition wrangle, The New York Times (26 February 2020)

Israeli President refuses to meet alleged victims of Malka Leifer, The Australian (24 February 2020)

The 'Malka Leifer' cloud over Rivlin's Australia visit, The Jerusalem Post (23 February 2020)

President Rivlin refuses to meet Dassi Erlich during Australian visit, Plus61J (21 February 2020)

Rivlin briefed on Leifer extradition but no meeting as yet with alleged victims, J-Wire (21 February 2020)

TV interview with Manny Waks, i24 (20 February 2020)

MPs astounded at further Malka Leifer extradition delay, The Australian (20 February 2020)

Melbourne yeshivah sex abuse victim Manny Waks wins £400,000 in damages from attacker, The Jewish Chronicle (19 February 2020)

Australian court awards $800,000 in damages to former student abused at Australian Jewish school, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (19 February 2020)

Abuse victim Manny Waks wins $800,000 in damages from paedophile David Cyprys, Guardian Australia (19 February 2020)

Judgment re my civil case against David Cyprys (17 February 2020)

High Court petition seeks to strip ‘rabbi’ title from Moti Elon over sex crimes, The Times of Israel (30 January 2020)

Leifer case stalls again, J-Wire (15 January 2020)

Israeli court delays Malka Leifer case, granting lawyers time to cross-examine psychiatric panel, The Guardian (14 January 2020)

Israeli court delays case of alleged sex offender Malka Leifer, i24 (14 January 2020)

Israeli Court Stalls Case of Australia Sex Crime Suspect, The New York Times (14 January 2020)

The Fugitive, Tablet (14 January 2020)

‘Prolonged injustice’: Israel looks to speed up Malka Leifer extradition, The New Daily (14 January 2020)

Israel requests proceedings against Malka Leifer be expedited, J-Wire (13 January 2020)

Accused child abuser Malka Leifer fit to stand trial, Israeli psychiatric panel finds, ABC (10 January 2020)

Leifer fit to face extradition: report, The Australian Jewish News (10 January 2020)

Panel finds alleged sex offender Malka Leifer mentally fit to stand trial, J-Wire (10 January 2020)

TV interview with Manny Waks regarding Malka Leifer developments, i24 (9 January 2020)

Fugitive school principal Malka Leifer may finally be extradited to Australia from Israel after she is found fit to stand trial on dozens of child sex abuse charges, Daily Mail (9 January 2020)

Panel: Alleged pedophile wanted by Australia fit for trial, The New York Times (9 January 2020)



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